Write like Great Classic Authors: Ernest Hemingway

“Write the truest sentence you know.” Then do it again. One sentence at a time, you write your story. Classic authors knew that there was nothing like capturing and keeping a reader’s attention, and titan in the literary world, Ernest Hemingway, knew and performed this trick better than most. Known for his concise, powerful prose, [...]

Books and Publishing Discussion: Should Books Include a Credits Page?

I read an article recently that got me thinking about changes to the standards in books and publishing. We're all familiar with the “credits” that run after audio-video productions (TV shows and movies), but what if books had a “credits page” in a similar fashion? Avid Press, says Publishers Lunch, is making a credits page [...]

How to Face Rejection as a Writer

Like any creative, you will hear a multitude of advice on how to face rejection as a writer. No two pieces of advice are going to work the same for any one person; each person will have to find what helps soothe or motivate them after a rejection of a draft submission, no answer or [...]

Proofreading for University Reports: Editor Cortni & Keiser University Vice Chancellor Discuss Academic Writing & Editing

As a writing and editing professional, editor Cortni Merritt is sometimes asked to consult and collaborate on a variety of academic, technical, and business writing projects in addition to her projects with SRD Editing Services as a member of other groups not associated with SRD Editing Services. Recently she was honored by the request to [...]

1 Year with EFA: Editor Training on Sensitivity

July 1 is the first anniversary of SRD Editing Services' membership in the Editorial Freelancers Association. In the past year, editor Cortni Merritt has taken some awesome editor training and webinar sessions provided by the EFA, and we wanted to tell you a bit more about what's going on behind-the-scenes and in-front-of-the-screens at SRD Editing [...]

ANNOUNCING: SRD Editing Services Joins the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors

SRD Editing Services is excited to announce our membership in the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE) just in time for summer editing to ramp up for the holiday publishing schedule in 2023! IAPWE is a professional organization that provides resources to writers and editors and functions as a networking and freelance contract […]

Self-Editing Tips: Use Ctrl + H to Edit Your Writing

MS Keyboard Shortcuts Are Gold If you use MS Word on a regular basis to write and edit, you probably already know about the most common keyboard shortcuts. (If you're not familiar with the long list of Windows keyboard shortcuts out there, check them out now!) In particular, there are several wonderful, useful keyboard shortcuts [...]

Two Common (and Easy-to-Use) Semicolon Rules

Semicolons: Who Needs 'Em? Oh! Semicolons. I, like many other editors, love them. But if you're a writer who finds the semicolon *the worst, * you have options available to you. One of those options is that you don't have to use any semicolons at all if you don't want to. I won't pressure you. But if [...]

Self-Editing Tips: Chicago Style Overview of Number Rules

Everyone comes to writing with a different background. Different instructors. Different books we've read over the years that influence us. Different advice we've been given and rules we've been told. But when it comes to writing for yourself as a self-published author or prepping a manuscript for traditional publication, you may need to go against [...]

ANNOUNCING: SRD Editing Services Joins the Editorial Freelancers Association

The team at SRD Editing Services is delighted to announce our membership in the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) just in time for the new year and our planned growth in 2023. Since 1970 the EFA has provided training, networking, and contract opportunities to freelance editors in all areas of publishing. The association is dedicated to […]