Back Cover / Online Book Description Copy

Writing or Editing Your Back Cover / Online Book Description

What goes on your book's back cover or online description?

reading-back-cover-book-descriptionYour book’s back cover or online book description are one of your first chances to make an impression on your potential readers. It must impress. It must command attention. 

Back cover copy — and online book descriptions used on websites like Amazon and Goodreads — have a different purpose than your manuscript. Their job is to get a potential reader to buy the book. Simple and straightforward. 

Your back cover should summarize and hint at the story, describing the main theme and compelling the reader to know more about how the characters will react to the circumstances of the plot. It should not spoil the ending, but it should make the reader want to find it out for themselves. 

And, it should aim to do all this in about 215 words. 

Write Your Own Back Cover Copy / Online Book Description

Some writers are up to the challenge and prefer to write their own copy to be used on their book’s back cover and online description. 

If you have written your own back cover copy, we offer developmental and line editing to help you polish your initial draft.

SRD Editing Services Writes Your Book Back Cover Copy and Description

Some writers love the creative exercise of world building and crafting character dialogue but do not want to focus their energy on writing the marketing copy for their back cover and online book description.

If you prefer we write your back cover copy, we can do that too.

Same or Different Copy

Depending on your preference, you may want to use the same copy for your printed book’s back cover copy and your digital book’s online description. 

If you prefer to have different copy for the print and online versions, or if you need multiple options for copy for marketing and promotion purposes, we can help.

Average timeline for back cover copy / online book description:

🗸 2 weeks

Back Cover / Book Description Pricing

Steps After Back Copy / Online Book Description

To promote and sell your book, online book reviews make a huge difference. Get an honest, professional review on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. 


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