About Cortni L. Merritt, MA, Literary Editor & Writer

About Cortni L. Merritt, M.A., Editor & Writer at SRD Editing Services

Hi! I’m Cortni L. Merritt, an editor and writer currently living in Orlando, Florida. I hold an MA in English with a graduate certificate in editing and publishing from Florida State University, a BA in English from the University of Central Florida, and a BS in psychology from Colorado State University. I have been a freelance editor since 2010, first on Upwork (formerly Odesk), then launching SRD Editing Services in 2018. 

I’ve also enjoyed editing/writing projects while employed in marketing positions, as an SEO copywriter, and as an academic editor. Over the past decade, I’ve held various writing, editing, and publishing certifications from HubSpot, Copyblogger, and LinkedIn. In 2022, I also became a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. 

Please, take a look at the SRD Editing Services Shop, where you can find links to more than 75 short stories, novels, nonfiction books, children’s literature, and poetry collections for which I’ve been the proofreader, ghostwriter, or editor. You can find even more examples of my personal and professional work on my LinkedIn profile.

Personal History

There’s nothing I love better than reading a well-told story. It brings me joy to be an editor, working with writers of every skill level, helping them hone in and deliver their message clearly, effectively, and with personal flair.

Like anyone with a passion for writing, I drafted short stories, essays, poetry, and an amateur novella or two throughout childhood. I first attempted a novel at age 12, typed up on a PowerMac. I didn’t know I would become an editor; I thought I would be a million other things, but I loved the idea of writing and reading as a full-time job.

Apple PowerMac 7100 - Throwback to the early editing days

I think I got about 130 pages deep into that first manuscript before the computer crashed. I attempted again over the years to write more novels. (Hell, I’m still trying now!)

I filled entire bookcases with poetry in my teen years, got one or two published in random places (and I’m starting to publish poems now as an adult!). I collected books and read voraciously while earning a BS in psychology and tackled masterpieces like Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Hunchback of Notre Dame as light, “fun” reading material while working full-time jobs in my 20s. No big whoop.

As a young business professional, I found myself as the default “go-to editor” and “team proofreader,” always responsible for checking a document before it was “sent out” wherever it was going. Office mates, managers, even people in other departments would ask me to write copy for them or double-check and act as editor for their work. In my spare time, I would write argumentative essays to my friends about why I liked certain songs more than others. People told me I should “be a blogger,” but I didn’t know how. I didn’t even really know what that meant.

I decided the best thing to do, of course, was to return to school for a second bachelor’s degree and an MA in English. Specializing, of course, in literature, publishing, and editing.

As an undergrad, I was a copywriter at a law firm and contracted as a freelance editor, working both with students to support their writing improvement and with professionals around the world through Upwork (which used to be Odesk, way back in the day).

As a graduate student, I taught freshmen composition, tutored in the campus Reading and Writing Center, and continued to work as a freelance editor. I gained so much experience every day I thought I would burst, and jumbled letters would flow out the split seams.

In the years since grad school, I’ve worked as an editor and writer with start-ups and international award-winning marketing teams. I now have more than a decade of experience as a freelance writer and editor for all types of content — business and marketing materials, website copy, blogs, scripts, fiction, and nonfiction. You name it. I know what separates “great” and “good enough” writing. I challenge every sentence to command attention.

My favorite writing is passionate. My favorite daily task as an editor is helping writers voice what drives their passion. 

I look forward to getting inside your story.

Experience as an Editor and Writer in Many Genres

In addition to having some not-too-bad poetry published in various places around the web, as well as my self-published haiku collection, I’ve been an editor and writer in many different genres.

I’ve tried my hand at fiction writing – particularly, romance, fantasy, and literary fiction – and have edited many manuscripts in these genres as well. 

I’ve ghostwritten a few nonfiction books – self-help books, how-to guides, and memoirs – and have also edited a number of other nonfiction manuscripts in these genres as well. 

As a mother, I’ve spent many, many hours reading and examining children’s literature, so it holds a special place in my heart. While not currently a focus, I cherish the chance to work with any children’s books. 

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Academic History

Seal of Colorado State University -- Cortni graduated with BS in psychology in Dec. 2005B.S. Psychology. Colorado State University. 2001-2005

Seal of the University of Central Florida -- Cortni completed a BA in English in 2012B.A. English Literature specializing in American literature. University of Central Florida. 2010-2012.

Seal of the Florida State University -- Cortni completed MA in English literature in 2014M.A. English Literature specializing in 20th century American literature. Florida State University. 2012-2014 

Seal of Florida State University -- Cortni completed graduate certificate in publishing and editing in 2013Florida State University. Graduate Certificate in Publishing and Editing awarded May 2013.

Discount for Colorado & Florida Alumni

Are you a current graduate student or alumnus of Colorado State University, the University of Central Florida, or Florida State University? 

I extend a 10% discount to alumni and students from any of my alma maters!* Please mention when you CONTACT ME that you’re a fellow Ram, Knight, or Seminole! 

Whether you’re looking for an editor for your academic essay, your upcoming novel, or your business-oriented book manuscript, I’d love to discuss your project. 

*Alumnus status is subject to verification and cannot be combined with a “repeat client” discount.

Editor Serving Central Florida Writers & Beyond

If you are a writer in Central Florida looking to work with a local editor, consider your search over. No more asking, “Where can I find an editor near me?” Whether you’d like to meet face-to-face or virtually, it can be comforting to know that you’re working with someone nearby. SRD Editing Services operates from a central location in Orlando, Florida, and I am available to meet with Florida writers as needed. I love working with Florida writers; I love being a Florida editor; I’d love to become your editor, too.

Writing from Editor Cortni Merritt

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