Line Editing

Line Editing from SRD Editing Services

What is Line Editing?

line-edit-editing-editor-woman-holding-book-says-do-what-you-loveLine editing is what many people mean when they simply say “editing.” It is sometimes also called “copy editing.” 

A line edit is completed after all content is finalized. Once you have no more changes to make to your story, materials, and wording, it’s time to have a professional complete a thorough, line-by-line edit. You deserve someone who reads every word of what you’ve written and makes corrections to improve, polish, and perfect any final errors. It’s more than a simple “spelling and grammar” check.  

I couldn’t agree more with the popular adage: Software doesn’t edit; people do. 

I recommend that before you send your manuscript for the professional SRD line editing process, that you complete all revisions and a full round of self-edits. Your line-edit-ready manuscript should be your “final version” — with no more changes to integrate

SRD Editing Services edits according to best standards and practices of the 16th Ed. of the Chicago Manual of Style.  

*Note* Although the line edit will be as thorough as possible, please perform a final proofread before publication.

SRD Line Edit process for MS Word documents

Step 1: Send your “final draft” manuscript to the SRD editor (Cortni).

Step 2: I perform my preliminary review. All documents are standardized for easy editing.

Fiction manuscripts are formatted to Times New Roman font, size 12, with .2 in paragraph indents, and 1.5 line spacing.

Nonfiction manuscripts are formatted to Arial font, size 11, with no paragraph indents, and 1.5 line spacing with additional spacing after each paragraph. 

I add formatted headings and sub-headings, create a Table of Contents, and insert page breaks for easy final formatting for your ebook. 

Step 3: I conduct detailed readings of every word in your manuscript. As questions arise, I will email you to confirm or track down specifics, or to highlight major areas of concern. All edits are documented using MS Word “Track Changes” feature. I also may leave margin comments as necessary.

Step 4: After a complete first read, I typically set aside a line edited manuscript for a few days and work on another project. This refresh period helps me re-approach your manuscript with a clear and fresh mind for a second review. 

Step 5: I complete my second review, resolving or replying to comments as necessary, and making final corrections. I will return the manuscript with a full accounting of the statistics of the document, including the beginning number of words, ending number of words, and number of tracked changes. 

What is addressed in a line edit?

I analyze your manuscript and focus feedback on the line-by-line fundamentals that take readers out of your story if not edited. 

Line edits focus on common areas of concern in both fiction and nonfiction: 

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • typos
  • capitalization
  • tense and tone consistency
  • fact-checking
  • anachronisms
  • consistency errors
  • other areas of attention as needed

Line edits from SRD Editing Services do not address issues of storytelling, plot & narrative, character arcs, or other content concerns, which may be better addressed by developmental editing

Average timeline for line editing:​

🗸 2 weeks per 50K words.

Genres Available for Line Edits



  • Short Stories (any)
  • Romance & Erotica
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Women’s Literature
  • Literary Fiction
  • African American Literature
  • Horror/Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Memoir
  • Self-help
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Spirituality (non-Christian)

Line Editing Pricing

Steps After Line Edits

After your manuscript is fully line edited, SRD Editing Services always recommends you receive a final proofread from a professional. While our line edits will be as thorough as possible, a fresh set of eyes is best for one final review.

SRD Editing Services does not offer proofreading to the same manuscripts immediately after we complete the line edit. SRD Editing Services does offer proofreading services to manuscripts professional line edited elsewhere. 


After your manuscript is finalized, prepare it for publication. Your ebook is converted from your MS Word file into a properly formatted ebook file — an  .epub or a .mobi file — or perhaps both.