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It’s official: you’re writing your manuscript. You know you need an editor. An experienced editor. An editor who can help in more ways than one.

Fiction Editing. Nonfiction Editing. Book Coaching. Proofreading.

Get an editor for your fiction or nonfiction manuscript for best results.

Whether you’ve written a summary and an outline or a full manuscript, whether you’ve focused on a specific genre, whether you’re telling your history or personal advice: an editor is a vital step in your process to publication.

Editors are manuscripts' best friends

An editor should bring to your manuscript: A fresh set of experienced eyes, knowledge of publishing, and true talent for storytelling. Every manuscript needs friends to help it pass “good” and reach “masterpiece.”

Editors are valuable at multiple stages in the drafting process. From conception to release day, your manuscript can always use a friend.

  • Beta Reading & Sensitivity Reading
  • Line Editing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Developmental + Line Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Back Cover Copy / Online Description (*with Proofread or completed manuscript only)
  • Professional Book Reviews

Located in Orlando, Florida, I’m available to meet in-person with nearby authors.

Cortni Merritt, M.A., Editor at SRD Editing Services

A writer, reader, and poet from childhood, I love a well-told story. After obtaining a BS in psychology, I worked in marketing and sales before returning to complete a BA and an MA in English literature, along with a graduate certificate in publishing and editing.

For nearly a decade, I’ve been a freelance writer and editor with individuals and companies around the world, and although I’d like to say I’ve seen it all, I read something new every day.


Exceeded my expectations …

Cortni consistently exceeded my expectations. She is professional, thoughtful and respectful. I highly recommend her editing services for long-form fiction in the women’s lit genre. I would work with her again.

Emily W., Fiction author
Line Edit. 2016.

Ready for the shelves …

I couldn’t have produced half of what I did without her. Amazing work and easy to work with. I’d recommend her to anyone with something they want turned into something ready for the shelves.

Nonfiction author.
Developmental + Line Edit. 2019.

The best I’ve worked with …

I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go straight to press without Cortni’s help. She is the best proofreader I’ve ever worked with. She’s fun and professional. I recommend her to everyone who’s in need of an editor or proofreader.

Fiction Author
Proofread. 2018-2019.

Give your work the attention it needs …

Cortni provided editing services for my book. She was professional, timely, and provided feedback, which I needed and appreciated. If you are an author in need of editing services I would recommend Cortni. She will give you and your work the attention it needs.

Fiction author
Line edit. 2019.

Worth three exclamation points …

Exceptional work done in a timely manner. Thank you!!!

Corrine A., PhD. Candidate
Ghostwrite & Line Edit. 2019.

Your work is always good …

Thank you for always getting work done quickly. You care about customers! I really do appreciate that, and I have always been satisfied by your work.

Yoon Tae Sung, PhD.
Academic line edits. Repeat client. 2014-2019

Creative. Businesslike. Terrific.

Hire Cortni if you seek an editor with an incredibly creative mind and a businesslike manner. She’s terrific all the way around. Trust me!

Guy B., Fiction author
Developmental edit & line edit. Fiction. 2019-2020. Repeat client.

Got my dissertation to the level it needed to be …

Thank you Cortni for helping me to get my dissertation to the level where it needed to be! Thanks to the assistance provided, there were relatively few changes that the university’s dissertation form & style editor requested I make. I appreciate all the help!

Benjamin S., PhD candidate
Academic Line Edit. 2019.

Timely, quality work …

Cortni was great. Timely, quality work. Very cooperative and friendly. Would absolutely recommend.

Matt B. Nonfiction author.
Line Edit. 2016-2017.

Treats your work like her own …

Cortni is such a wonderful talent! Great to work with. I can’t wait to work with her again. Cortni will treat your work like her own!

Darrius S. Repeat client. Nonfiction author.
Developmental + Line Edit. 2016-2017.

Real collaborator with deep commitment …

Cortni went far above and beyond and become a real collaborator with deep commitment to the success of the project.

Fiction Author
Developmental Edit. 2018.

Satisfied customer, right here …

Satisfied customer, right here …

Stephen "Mack" Mackleprang. Nonfiction & Fiction author.
Line Edits. Repeat client. 2018-2019.

Courteous, dedicated, and professional …

Working with Cortni has been such a pleasant experience. I felt that my work was in a professional’s hands. She is courteous, dedicated, and always maintains communication. I’m satisfied with the final product and will definitely hire her again.

Ahmed Seif, M.D., Nonfiction author
Developmental Edit. 2016-2017.

Pure gold …

Her comments are pure gold.

Christian H. Fiction author.
Developmental Edit. 2019.

Feedback on point …

Cortni was such a pleasure to work with. Her communication was always open & frequent, and her feedback was on point. Thanks Cortni!

Toi P., Fiction author.
Line Edit. 2016.

Communicative and great work …

Very communicative and did great work. Would hire again.

Nonfiction short story author.
Developmental + Line Edit. 2018-2019.

Helpful for anyone who needs an editor …

This was my second time using Cortni as a Beta Reader. She was very helpful with her feedback both times, which is why I rehired her. I would recommend her as an editor or reader for anybody who is looking for one.

Fiction Author
Beta Read + Line Edit. Repeat client. 2017-2019.

Brought value with her ideas and resources …

Cortni was the perfect partner to work with on my editing. Her communication was perfect and I could always count on her to complete the work on time and with complete accuracy. She understood the scope of the project and exceeded all my expectations. She brought more value in her ideas and resources but also made sure my voice and creativity were protected. I would highly recommend Cortni and will continue to offer her opportunities to work with me on future projects.

Whitney E. Nonfiction author.
Developmental + Line Edit + Proofread + Ebook. Repeat client. 2019.

With love and attention …

My first book is my baby and I interviewed many people for editing, ultimately choosing Cortni — and I’m glad I did! She treated my work with love and attention, so I knew it would be a stellar product. So far, nothing but 5-star reviews!

Matt J. Repeat client. Nonfiction author.
Developmental + Line Edit. 2016-2017.

She went the extra mile …

Cortni did an excellent job, completing the work far ahead of schedule. Editing a work written in a dialect is tricky, and she went the extra mile to get it right.

Nonfiction author
Developmental + Line Edit. 2016-2017.

Made the editing process a breeze …

Working with Cortni was an absolute pleasure! Her communication is stellar and she does a great job in getting very clear on exactly what your result is. She is professional, very easy to talk to, and knows what she is doing. The editing process for my book was a breeze thanks to Cortni and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her. If you are looking for an editor for your book or manuscript of any kind, do not hesitate to reach out to Cortni. I will definitely be hiring her again in the future!

Victor P. Nonfiction author.
Developmental Edit. 2018.

5 stars …

Great feedback. 5 stars.

Beta Read author.
Fiction. 2017.

A gift …

Cortni is not only a professional, but she is so easy to work with and she offers support an encouragement throughout the process. That is a gift. Happy to refer her to anyone in this field.

Nonfiction author.
Developmental + Line Edit. Repeat client. 2019.

Went above and beyond …

Cortni was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would use her again. She went above and beyond the role of a proofreader.

Edy N. Nonfiction author.
Proofread. 2017.

Will be using for more work …

Excellent communication and clearly a desire to do the job to my specific guidelines. Will be using Cortni for more work in the future

Whitney E. Nonfiction author.
Developmental + Line Edit + Proofread + Ebook. Repeat client. 2019.

The best thing I could have done …

I’m impressed with Cortni’s work, really so. Bringing her on board was the best thing I could’ve done. Thank you so much.

Guy B., Fiction author
Developmental + Line Edit. 2019.

Results-oriented and rewarding experience …

Working with Cortni has been a highly results-oriented and rewarding experience. It has been among my best professional experiences when it comes to writing and collaborating.

Developmental Edit author.
Nonfiction. 2012.

From Nervous to Excited …

Having Cortni as an editor totally improved my book, and I went from feeling nervous about how my book would be received to being excited about how my book would be received. All the best, and I look forward to crossing paths again soon.

Bryan G., Nonfiction author
Developmental Edit. 2019.

100% satisfied …

Fantastic, speedy work. Got it right the first time, I am 100% satisfied and will return when I have another project

Nonfiction author.
Line edit. 2019.

I’ve scaled mountains of manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction), and traversed thousands of pages of business documents and websites, touching on innumerable topics and industries. In dark hours, I’ve researched countless subjects in order to become educated before the sunrise, and I thoroughly enjoy the learning experience I receive with every project.

Editor at their computer, editing services for fiction, nonfiction, verse.

Located in Orlando, Florida, I am available to meet with nearby writers in person, and with long-distance writers using a variety of digital tools. No matter where you are in the world, I’ll be here. Editing.

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