Beta Read & Sensitivity Read

Beta Read & Sensitivity Read Services from SRD Editing Services

What is a "beta read"? What does a "beta reader" do?


A “beta reader” represents your target audience for your book. He or she reads an early version of your manuscript and offers feedback for final revisions.

Congratulations! You’ve finished a solid draft of your manuscript and perhaps put it through a round of developmental editing and self-editing.

You might be ready for a few people to “test out” what you’ve written. You might be ready to hear some people’s reactions before you fully put your book up for sale for everyone to buy.

Like an advanced movie screening or dress rehearsal, putting your book through a round of beta readers can guide you in making final tweaks to your art before you parade it through a competitive market.

Target your Beta Readers

It’s recommended that you have at least four people in a round of beta readers. Aim for two who are members of your book’s target market, one who is a member of your book”a secondary market, and one who represents an outlier — a member of a group you’re not targeting, but who you’d like to capture.

Genres Available for Beta Read Services

SRD Editing Services provides beta reads for specific genres and categories, based on expertise and interest.

If we are not a good match to be a beta reader for you, we gladly provide recommendations.



  • Children’s literature (any age)
  • YA literature
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Women’s Literature
  • Literary Fiction
  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Memoir
  • Self-help/Psychology
  • Business/Entrepreneurship/Leadership
  • Humanities, Philosophy, Spirituality

Beta Read Process from SRD Editing Services

A beta read includes:

— reading the book in its entirety

— summarizing general thoughts and impressions in one (to two) pages end notes

— completing the SRD Editing Services Beta Read feedback questionnaire (7-9 pages of genre-focused feedback, including more than a dozen questions about character, plot, story structure, and other elements.

Average timeline for beta read

2 weeks per 25,000 words.

Beta Read Pricing

What is a "sensitivity read"? What does a "sensitivity reader" do?

sensitivity-read-reader-femaleA “sensitivity reader” represents a member of your target audience who could potentially be offended by content in your book. He or she reads an early version of your manuscript and offers feedback with a specialized focus on sensitive issues.

If your book deals with sensitive social, political, or historical topics, you may want to consider including at least one sensitivity reader for every group.

These days, writers know that diversity matters, representation matters, and inclusivity matters. But, what writers must also consider, is how a person outside a group can be insensitive when portraying members of a group.

If you, as the writer of your manuscript, have written characters who are not the same race as you, the same gender as you, the same cultural background as you, or the same sexual orientation as you, please consider submitting your manuscript to sensitivity readers for review.

Sensitivity to Mental Health

Sometimes, writers also find it necessary to include characters who struggle with mental health, mental illness, or even personality disorders. Many stories also depict real-world struggles and events that can trigger traumatic responses in their readers.

If your manuscript includes discussions of mental health, traumatic events, or mental illness, please consider consulting with sensitivity readers who focus on those issues.

Target your Sensitivity Readers

Consider all potentially sensitive material in your manuscript — ask your developmental editor! — and list types of readers who may be offended or react negatively.

Aim to have a sensitivity reader for each type of potentially offended reader. And be patient, ready, and willing to engage with their feedback.

Sensitivity Reader Demographics

SRD Editing Services provides sensitivity readings for manuscripts on topics based on expertise, personal experience, and interest.

If we are not a good match to be a sensitivity reader for you, we gladly provide recommendations.

Fiction & Nonfiction

  • Race (readers are White and trained for race sensitivity)
  • Gender and feminism
  • American/Euro-centric language and ideas
  • Mental health, mental illness, and basic psychology (including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and post-partum depression)
  • Parenting and motherhood (esp. of boys)
  • Interracial (Black/White) relationships
  • Sexual abuse, violence, and rape
  • Childhood trauma and abuse
  • Philosophy, spirituality, religion, and atheism

Average timeline for sensitivity read

2 weeks per 25,000 words.

Sensitivity Read Pricing

Steps After Beta Read / Sensitivity Read

If you receive feedback from your beta readers or sensitivity readers that prompts you to consider a full re-write or heavy revisions to your manuscript, a developmental edit can help you focus on both large and small issues. 


Done with your revisions? Congratulations! Your manuscript deserves to be thoroughly line edited by a professional to catch all technical, grammatical, and formatting errors.