SRD Editing Services Contract, Privacy, and Refund Policy

SRD Editing Services Contract and Onboarding Process

Welcome to SRD Editing Services

When you’re ready to begin your editing journey with a team member from SRD Editing Services, we’ve created a streamlined process to make it as simple as possible for you.

  1. You contact our editor team via the Contact page on our website. Submit your information, and one of our team members will respond via email as soon as possible. This is typically within one (1) business day.
  2. You and your editor may exchange a few emails to discuss the scope of work and timeline of the project. Once terms are reached, the SRD editor will put together the paperwork and send it to you. 

  3. The SRD Editing Services paperwork includes: 
    1. A formal Estimate from our invoicing system (usually as a link)
    2. A prepared and signed Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) for you to review and sign
    3. A prepared and signed Freelancer Contract for you to review and sign

  4. If you would like revisions or have questions about the paperwork, please do NOT sign and return it, but reach out to your editor first.

    If your paperwork is in order and everything looks correct, please physically or digitally sign the NDA and Contract and return them to your SRD editor.

  5. Once the paperwork has been entered into our system, your editor will send you an updated Invoice, and you will be able to submit your deposit payment. 

  6. Once your deposit payment is submitted, you will receive a receipt. Submitting the deposit secures your spot on the SRD editing schedule for the timeline agreed on in your Contract. 

  7. After the paperwork is complete and deposit is submitted, please ensure your editor has the most finalized and complete version of your manuscript. Your editor will automatically begin working on your manuscript on the agreed-upon date and will update you once editing begins! 

SRD Editing Services Deposit and Payment Structure

SRD Editing Services requires a minimum deposit of 25% of a project Estimate to schedule an editing, proofreading, or copywriting project. For flat-rate services of less than $100, SRD Editing Services requires a deposit of 50% to schedule services. 

Invoice payments can be submitted on a time-based or milestone-based schedule, depending on your needs. Many writers choose to follow a payment schedule similar to the following, although SRD editors do attempt to be accommodating. All final payments should be scheduled within 30 days of your receipt of the edited manuscript.

Suggested Payment Schedule (4 Payments):

  • 25% of Estimate total at time of Contract signing
  • 25% of Invoice total within 7 calendar days of project beginning date
  • 25% of Invoice total within 7 calendar days of project completion/manuscript returned to writer
  • Remaining balance within 30 calendar days of project completion

Suggested Payment Schedule (2 Payments)

  • 50% of Estimate total at time of Contract signing
  • Remaining balance within 7 calendar days of project completion/manuscript returned to writer

Final Invoices Reflect Actual Work Completed

Estimates may reflect only estimated word counts or hours expected to complete a project. Final Invoices will be updated to reflect actual word count or hours dedicated to a project. Hourly projects will be tracked and a time-tracking report will be provided. On final Invoice, hourly projects will not exceed Estimated time by greater than 10% without prior client approval. 

Payment Accepted Via

As of January 1, 2023, SRD Editing Services accepts payment via any of the following methods:

  • E-check or debit/credit card payment directly through our Invoice system
  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Venmo
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SRD Editing Services Contract Terms

Editors at SRD Editing Services enter under standard Freelance Contract terms with every client. In our Contract, we define and determine all of the following: 

  • The “Scope of Work” (exactly what services our editor will provide)
  • The deadline and important timeline milestones
  • The writer’s exclusive ownership and publication rights
  • The estimated total cost based on word count, flat fee, or hourly rate services
  • The deposit amount due at contract signing (25% to 50% of Estimate)
  • Confidentiality, warranty, and contract termination terms

The laws of the state of Florida govern our Contract agreements.

SRD Editing Services NDA Terms

SRD Editing Services extends a standard Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) to all clients, regardless of genre, geographic location, or the apparent inclusion of confidential information within clients’ writing. This is for all our clients’ protection and peace of mind. 

Over the years, clients have been sometimes wary about sharing their manuscripts or details of their storylines. Writers hear about scams where dubious people online steal unpublished manuscripts from writers during their editing or publication process. Typically these thieves publish the stolen manuscript under their own name or imprint before the rightful owner/writer gets a chance, thereby undercutting all their hard work. 

In addition, during our consultation back-and-forth emails or other correspondence, writers sometimes disclose personal information about the material in the manuscript, private contact details, or plans for marketing or promotional campaigns that could be spoiled if made public. 

SRD Editing Services editors have no intention of sharing, using, selling, distributing, or in any way violating our clients’ confidentiality of intellectual property, personal information, or marketing campaigns. This is why we have incorporated a standard NDA into every Contract with every client. With SRD Editing Services, your work is and will always be private

We want to help your dream become your book. Plain and simple. 

SRD Editing Services Refund Policy

While good editing and coaching will give you a greater chance of success, purchasing a service through SRD Editing Services is NOT a guarantee of publication, representation, favorable reviews, website traffic, manuscript requests, or book sales.

Refunds given on incompleted editing services will be prorated based on the work completed. 

For completed and returned manuscripts, SRD Editing Services will consider refunds only when issues are brought to the editor’s attention within 30 days of the writer’s receipt of the final manuscript or final Invoice payment, and when those issues cannot be resolved. 

The goal of SRD editors is to provide a satisfactory service for all clients, however, some errors may remain in a manuscript after a developmental edit or line edit. Our goal is that fewer than 40 errors per 1,000 words will remain after a line edit. 

We recommend multiple rounds of line editing/copy editing until a manuscript’s error count is reduced to fewer than 40 errors per 1,000 words. In traditional publishing, manuscripts often undergo four rounds of line/copy editing.

Minimal errors may remain after a proofread, and the SRD Editing Services’ goal is fewer than 1 error per 1,000 words after a proofread. 

In the case that you are dissatisfied with the final results of your line edit or proofread, please submit your concerns or complaints within 30 days of receipt of the final manuscript or submission of your final Invoice payment. 

Your SRD editor will make every attempt to address your concerns and work on your manuscript until you are satisfied. 

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