Published Poetry from Cortni Merritt


Central Florida writer and editor Cortni Merritt began reading and writing poetry as a child, developing a deep appreciation for classic American poets such as Emily Dickenson, e.e. cummings, and Stephen Crane (and of course, Dr. Suess). As a teenager, two of her poems were accepted into local publications, and as a student at Florida State University, she studied poetry with numerous professional poets and read submissions for The Southeast Review

Cortni reads and writes poetry frequently, and although it is not her focus, she has been privileged to have been accepted and published in a few online and print publications in the past few years. Please follow each link to view her selected poems in their featured publications. 


A Christmas Bird Bath

Quail Bell Magazine

Dec. 2021


Man Oil

Quail Bell Magazine.

Dec. 2021

Silhouettes of man and woman against black and white spiral background. An image from the published poetry of Cortni Merritt.

Lemonade eventually, I guess

Lemonade eventually I guess - a poem by writer and editor Cortni Merritt, MA

Eve Poetry Magazine.

Feb. 2020.


Shout Out

Bear Creek Haiku

March 2019. Page 9.


Frozen Time


Halcyon Days: 2018. Issue 11.

Sept. 2018. Page 14.


Notes to Self


Spark in a House of Cards




Themes and Poetic Interests

Since discovering poetry as a teenager, Cortni has been interested in how short, simple phrases can evoke sensory images and deep emotional connections. In her poetry, she often explores themes of identity, emotional energies, nature and technology, interpersonal relationships, and especially, mothering. 

In addition to the influences on teenage-Cortni listed above, later-in-life influences include Virginia Woolf, Adrienne Rich, and Charles Bukowski.

Haiku Poetry Collection: “Slices of Silence”

In 2019, Cortni published her first collection of haiku poems, Slices of Silence. Each haiku has been paired with a photograph also taken and edited by the author.


Poetry Editor

Over the years, Cortni has been privileged to edit and workshop a few poems and rhyming children’s books, as well as one multimedia poetry collection whose publication is forthcoming (2023). She would love to assist with your poetry publication as well! 

Discuss poetry editing options with Cortni on our Contact Us form. As a poetry editor, Cortni can offer word choice suggestions, changes to punctuation and capitalization, feedback on enjambment and emotional impact, thoughts on consistency and application of the Chicago Manual of Style, and more. 

Read more about Cortni’s writing, editing, and personal history >>>

Orlando-Based, Florida-Focused

Based in Orlando, Florida, SRD Editing Services is focused on serving all writers throughout Central Florida – and that definitely includes poets! Cortni may be able to meet face-to-face with local writers and offer Florida-specific advice on publication opportunities. Ask for details.

Contact Cortni and the SRD Editing Services team to discuss your poetry editing needs.