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Public Book Review on Amazon and Goodreads

What is a book review?

professional-book-review-fiction-nonfictionWhile we all did “book reports” in high school, a professional book review is a bit different. In today’s world of online shopping and e-book consumption, online book reviews are one of the most important tools for marketing your book and increasing its exposure and success.

A professional book review should not only summarize and layout an overview of your story but should also give potential readers insight into the book’s strengths and how it relates to other books in the same genre.

Why do book reviews matter?

Book reviews are one of the best ways for potential readers to gauge whether they will enjoy your book. Readers trust others who enjoy the same topics, genres, and styles as themselves, and even in today’s digital world of book marketing, “word of mouth” advertising continues to reign supreme.

Most online book reviews today — on sites such as Amazon and Goodreads — are permanent and easily searchable. A good review can carry weight in your book marketing for years.

A professional book review can include:

  • A plot synopsis/summary identifying key characters and their arcs and central themes and morals.
  • Pointing out writer’s use of trite or cliche writing techniques or plot tropes.
  • Mention of excessive errors or editing needs that interrupt the reading experience.*
  • Insight to the reader’s expectations of enjoyability, readability, genre appropriateness, and satisfaction with the ending.
  • Comparisons for the reader of other books similar to the one in the review.

*Note: A book review from SRD Editing Services may mention excessive errors or editing needs but will never be used for self-promotion.

Book reviews from SRD Editing Services do not contain spoilers about your book’s ending.

What to expect with public book reviews from SRD Editing Services:

  • Verified purchase & review of book through Amazon (where applicable).
  • A cover-to-cover read through of your fiction or nonfiction book within 30 days of delivery. (Rush pricing available.)
  • 250-275 word review of your book’s readability, genre appropriateness, enjoyability, and my overall impressions. Reviews with be honest and contain brief plot summary without spoilers.
  • Rating on personal scale of 1 to 5 stars.
  • Three (3) unique quotes/quips of 1-2 sentences each that you can use in your marketing materials. These can be coordinated with the reviews or separate; they can include my name or be anonymous.
  • Review published to (verified)  Amazon and Goodreads at SRD accounts within 24 hours of submission to you.
  • Promotion of book review on SRD Editing Services social media platforms and marketing materials (with affiliate link).

At this time, NO book reviews for intensive read manuscripts such as:

  • Graphic novels/comic books.
  • Academic or specialized nonfiction topics.

Where to find book reviews from SRD Editing Services​

goodreads-logo-book-reviewsVisit SRD Editing Services public profile on Goodreads.

amazon-logo-book-reviewsVisit SRD Editing Services public profile on Amazon

Timeline for Book Reviews

🗸 2 weeks per 50K words.

Book Reviews Pricing

Policy For Returning Clients

To all clients who return with a new manuscript, I offer a 15% discount on all editing and proofreading services for the second manuscript.

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