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Public Book Review on Amazon & Goodreads

What Is a Book Review?

While we all did “book reports” in high school, a professional book review is a bit different. In today’s world of online shopping and ebook consumption, online book reviews are one of the most important tools for marketing your book and increasing its exposure and success.

A professional book review should not only summarize and lay out an overview of your story but should also give potential readers insight into the book’s strengths and how it relates to other books in the same genre. Ideally, these reviews should appear on the most premier book review sites for authors, including Amazon.

Cortni at SRD Editing Services in Orlando, Florida, is an experienced book review writer, who provides both fiction and nonfiction writers public, professional reviews of their books on the two most popular platforms for customer book reviews–Goodreads and Amazon.

Amazon Book Review Compliant

As the largest book publisher in the world, Amazon has extensive and detailed policies regarding paid book reviews. SRD Editing Services editors are up to date and compliant with all Amazon requirements for paid reviews. One of the most important aspects of reviews on Amazon is that they are honest. When our editor posts the review, the language will disclose that the review was objective and based on a purchased copy.

More than Amazon & Goodreads—Blog, Quips, & Promotion

While public book reviews on popular platforms are crucial, it can be helpful for your own marketing strategy to have a long, thorough review to share on your author platform, as well as marketing quips and blurbs. With a paid book review from SRD Editing Services, you receive not only reviews published on Amazon and Goodreads, but also you receive a 500-word blog on our website that reviews your book in depth and three (3) marketing quips. In addition, we also will promote our book review blog on our social media channels to our network of readers and writers.

Book Reviews Impact Sales

Why Do Book Reviews Matter?

Book reviews are one of the best ways for potential readers to gauge whether they will enjoy your book. Readers trust others who enjoy the same topics, genres, and styles as themselves, and even in today’s digital world of book marketing, “word of mouth” advertising continues to reign supreme.

Most online book reviews today — on sites such as Amazon and Goodreads — are permanent and easily searchable. Book reviews for authors matter a great deal to the success of your book: A good review can carry weight in your book marketing for years.

Did you know:
After 20 public book reviews, Amazon may promote, feature, or list your book to potential readers?

A Professional Book Review Can Include:

  • A plot synopsis/summary identifying key characters and their arcs and central themes and morals.
  • Pointing out writer’s use of trite or cliche writing techniques or plot tropes.
  • Mention of excessive errors or editing needs that interrupt the reading experience.*
  • Insight to the reader’s expectations of enjoyability, readability, genre appropriateness, and satisfaction with the ending.
  • Comparisons for the reader of other books similar to the one in the review.

*Note: A book review from SRD Editing Services may mention excessive errors or editing needs but will never be used for self-promotion by linking back to the editing services we provide.

Book reviews from SRD Editing Services do not contain spoilers about your book’s ending. 

What to Expect with Book Reviews from SRD Editing Services

You need someone who can write an Amazon book review that is authentic, captures readers’ attention, and ultimately helps drive your book sales. A professional literature review writer is able to blend together a genuine impression of your book with enticing language that will make readers want to enjoy it for themselves. 

With our book review services for authors, you can expect:

  • Verified purchase of a printed copy of your book through Amazon.
  • A cover-to-cover read-through of your fiction or nonfiction book within 14 days of delivery. (Rush pricing available.)
  • Two 50-word reviews of your book’s readability, genre appropriateness, enjoyability, and my overall impressions. (One review will be posted on Amazon, and the other will be posted on Goodreads. They will be similar but not the same). Book reviews will be honest and contain a brief plot summary without spoilers.
  • One 500-word blog review of your book to be posted on the SRD Editing Services blog. This review will contain a rating on a personal scale of 1 to 5 stars, an affiliate link to your book on Amazon, and two links to social media accounts of your choice, along with a thorough consideration of the literary quality, enjoyability, and readability of your book. 
  • Three (3) unique quotes/quips of my book review in 1-2 sentences each that you can use in your marketing materials. These can be coordinated with the public reviews or separate; they can include my name or be anonymous.
  • 50-word book reviews published to (verified) Amazon and Goodreads accounts for SRD Editing Services within 24 hours of submission to you.

At this time, NO book reviews for intensive-read manuscripts such as:

  • Graphic novels/comic books.
  • Academic or specialized nonfiction topics.

Where to Find Public Book Reviews from SRD Editing Services​

goodreads-logo-book-reviewsVisit SRD Editing Services public profile on Goodreads.

amazon-logo-book-reviewsVisit SRD Editing Services public profile on Amazon

Timeline for Book Reviews

🗸 1 week per 50K words.

Book Reviews Pricing

SRD Editing Services & Ghostwriting Reviews

It’s difficult to specialize in offering book reviews for indie authors, as each Amazon or Goodreads account is limited to posting only one review for a book. That’s why SRD Editing Services offers long, thorough, public book reviews that are shared within our network of established writers and readers. However, there are many independent authors who have developed crafty methods for publishing ghostwritten reviews. If you are interested in having SRD Editing Services write several short book reviews that you can use for your book promotion in various ways, contact us! 

We offer bundles of five (5), ten (10), fifteen (15), or twenty (20) book reviews written in different styles, voices, and lengths. Ghostwriting reviews can be tricky for many writers and editors, but the SRD Editing Services team members are old pros.

Policy For Returning Clients

We love working with repeat clients! Whether the SRD Editing Services team was involved with your beta reading, developmental edit, line edit, or proofreading, we want to read your book’s final version and write a professional book review! Editing clients who return for a public book review receive a 15% discount

Once you’re one of “our” writers, we hope you’ll stay one of “our” writers. 

After your book review is complete, we want to be involved in your next one. Return to SRD Editing Services for editing services or proofreading on your next book and continue to receive a 15% discount on all future services.

Make sure to mention that you’re a repeat client when you contact us!

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