Books and Publishing Discussion: Should Books Include a Credits Page?

I read an article recently that got me thinking about changes to the standards in books and publishing. We're all familiar with the “credits” that run after audio-video productions (TV shows and movies), but what if books had a “credits page” in a similar fashion? Avid Press, says Publishers Lunch, is making a credits page [...]

Creative Thinking & Writer’s Block: Oblique Strategies App

There’s a bunch of apps out there to help you be a better writer. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, you may want to try a few to see what works for you. May I recommend Oblique Strategies? It’s available for both Android (here) and Apple (here) This sleek, straightforward app is designed to give […]

Tips for Consistent Quality Writing

There's a problem with doing something well: Once is rarely enough. When you do something (like producing quality writing) well, two things can happen: Other people begin to expect more of you, and You begin to expect more of yourself For a writer, this can be great. A well-done piece deserves the admiration it receives, and [...]