Creative Thinking & Writer’s Block: Oblique Strategies App

There’s a bunch of apps out there to help you be a better writer. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, you may want to try a few to see what works for you.

May I recommend Oblique Strategies? It’s available for both Android (here) and Apple (here)

This sleek, straightforward app is designed to give you simple food for thought and a new perspective. At times, the quirky or out-of-the-box solutions might help you work through the peskiness of writer’s block. Maybe you’re struggling against a thorny plot point, maybe it’s some problem of character motivation, maybe it’s the general inability to string words together cohesively.

The Oblique Strategies app sort of reminds me of a Magic 8 ball. If you become frustrated, stop and open the app. Think of a question that encapsulates your current struggle. Swipe to see what happens.

As you scroll, (you can go either left or right), the randomized cards present you with single sentences that may come in from an angle you weren’t expecting.

I suggest you cut yourself off after three swipes. Of course, the first solutions might not be realistic for whatever reason. So try again, a couple of times. Then, stop yourself. It’s too easy to keep chasing the suggestion you want to hear instead of pushing yourself to try something new. After three swipes, choose one of the ideas or strategies presented to you and execute it to see how it affects your writer’s block. 

You may not prefer or like or have ever done the suggestions before, but that’s the idea! Push yourself from your comfort zone, because your comfort zone has given you this writer’s block. Get out from under it. Don’t be blocked. A different perspective or a new strategy is often the only way to find a solution.

Developmental Editing/Book Coaching to Break out of Writer’s Block

If you regularly struggle with writer’s block and are looking for a long-term solution, working with an SRD Editing Services editor for a developmental edit or book coaching might be just the thing. 

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